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Canadian FM-213


This is Canadian built (one of 430) Lancaster FM-213, restored and based at Mount Hope. She is owned and flown by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. FM-213 is seen here depicting KB-726 of 419 Moose Squadron R.C.A.F (6 Group RAF Bomber Command), and honors the memory of Victoria Cross recipient Pilot Officer Andrew Charles Mynarski, V.C. It now wears a large Victoria Cross on both sides of the cockpit commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Cambrai Raid on June 12/13, 1944 where Andrew Mynarski lost his life, trying to save Pat Brophy the tail-gunner who was trapped in his rear turret. An interesting tale of heroism I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about.

The entire story is available in the book "Mynarski's Lanc" by Bette Page. It includes the story of the original KB-726 and her crew, plus the story of FM-213 and how she was restored to flying condition. She still flies today as a memorial to the 60% of Bomber Crew who did not return. You can find out more about her, and see some more pictures on the following pages.


This collection of pages are dedicated to the memory of Pilot Officer Andrew Charles Mynarski, VC and all the other air crew that lost their lives during WW II. I must thank Bill Randall for sending me a copy of "Mynarski's Lanc", Robert Hide for the information he sent me & Douglas Bentley for suggesting I do this project, and supplying the pictures and other help that has been required. Some of the images are large please give them time to load.  Navigation is done using the small lanc at the bottom corners of the page



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